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The History of Mayflower Grove

Built in 1901, Mayflower Grove was an amusement park in Bryantville on the shores of Little Sandy Bottom Pond (Route 27). It was named after the flowers that once grew so abundantly in the area.

The Brockton and Plymouth Street Railway Company wished to increase the number of passengers on their new trolley line from Whitman to Hanson. They installed a “turn-out” to allow the trolleys to make stops off the main track. To stimulate business it was decided that an amusement park would be built, and along with it came the Mayflower Grove. It consisted of a dance hall, a movie theatre, a restaurant with a barbecue site, a hotel, a boat launch, games, a pool room, a carousel and much more!

Mayflower Grove attracted entertainment from all over; regular entertainers included the Bingville Band and the Bryantville Kitchen Orchestra. Miss America visited in 1926 and 1927. Years later between the depression and damage from hurricanes, the park was sold to developers and the Mayflower Grove ended.

After reading Roger Anttila’s book Mayflower Grove 1901-1945 Recollections of Forgotten Times and realizing that our restaurant was located just down the street from the original site, it seemed fitting that we recreate this part of Pembroke’s history.

Join us at the Mayflower Grove Grill, where food, friends and family come together.



35 School Street (Route 27), Pembroke, MA 02359

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday & Wednesday: 7am - 1pm (Closed Mondays)
Thursday - Saturday: 7am - 2pm
Sunday: 7am - 1pm